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What could you build if you had the money in the bank the day after tomorrow?

Sharestates knows investors who are as eager as you to get started. We also have the streamlined process to funnel that cash where it can do the most good.

And we only approve your application if we’re sure you’re a good borrower. That’s why Sharestates can offer you interest rates as low as 7% -- far less than you might find on other platforms or through other lenders.

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Does your project fit the Sharestates portfolio?

We confess: Sharestates is very choosy about who we work with. We keep our focus on a unique blend of asset classes and geographic areas. So here’s what our investors are looking for:

Sharestates Investment Opportunities

Click on any highlighted state to see projects Sharestates investors have already funded. These projects include four distinct asset classes.

Asset Classes

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Our Loan Programs

Sharestates is asset class agnostic. Whether it’s a Residential 1-4 Family property, Multi-Family property, Mixed-Use property, or otherwise – we’re here to provide you with the funding you need.  You’d just need to pass our 34-point screen that emphasizes your credit score, experience, and track record. Our platform can provide you with short term bridge loans, mid-term and/or long-term rental loans. Programs are detailed below:

  • Asset Classes
  • Rates Starting At
  • Terms
  • Closing Timeline
  • Loan Purpose
  • Occupancy
  • Amortization
  • Loan Sizes
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Just follow the Sharestates money trail

Our Lending process is as simple and intuitive as the cloud can make it. We’re here to help you expand your operation and do what you do best, without worrying about capital needs. Sharestates has loaned out nearly $1 billion since its inception and now closes about $50 million in new loans every month.

So if you’re ready to take out a loan, start here.

Here’s where you access Sharestates’ new, cost-effective, flexible portal. Simply click your way through the entire transaction process.

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Our platform is digital. We’re not. There’s no substitute for the personal touch in the real estate development business, and Sharestates understands how important it is for us to know each other on a human level to develop the kind of trust that builds rapport – and tamps down interest rates.

So click here to see how we’ve built a community of committed Sharestates investors, borrowers, and brokers.

We welcome brokers

Not everybody who’s good at building homes is good at building credit. So if you’re somebody who developers trust to find funding, then you are an integral part of the Sharestates community. And by “community,” we mean we want you to keep coming back to us and we’ll give you plenty of reasons why.

First, we pay you a referral. Second, we ensure that you continue to own the relationship with the borrowers you refer. If they come to us a year from now with a new project they need funding for, we’ll get to work for them right away – and pay you a referral fee for that follow-on business. And for the loan after that, and the one after that …

Working with brokers isn’t an afterthought at Sharestates. We’ve paid out $1.4 million to brokers so far this year -- $400,000 in the 2Q alone.

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Shareline: Where brokers get their due

Sharestates’ model attracts brokers, and we’ve worked with them to develop a program to keep their interest. We call it Shareline.

Shareline is our correspondent lending program. We close the loan under your company’s name, retain your company’s identity as the lender, and work with you to dominate your geographic market. By bringing our $5 billion lending capability to bear, we can give you as much backing as you need.

  • Originate and process
  • Take applications
  • Execute term sheets
  • Clear underwriter checklist
  • Interact with clients
  • Centralize underwriting system
  • Process list clearance
  • Provide loan closing logistics
  • Extend table funding and servicing
  • Manage online tracking software

We won’t share your pipeline, disrupt your brand, or even talk to your borrowers. There’s enough growth in this industry for you, for us, and for the builders and rehabbers you represent.

Not every broker can partner with Shareline. You need at least $1 million monthly origination volume, $1 million errors-and-omissions insurance coverage, and two years’ lending experience to qualify. But then we can approve you for up to $3.5 million in working capital.

  • Max Loan to Value
  • Construction Financing
  • Minimum Rates
  • Shareline Origination Fee
  • Pre-Pay
  • Loan Term
  • Loan Size

For more information contact

Then all you need to do is share your information with us, sign the agreement, activate your lender’s portal, and start originating loans through Shareline.

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